Our story

Established in 1988 as Right Document Solutions, the company was built on talent, entrepreneurial spirit and a keenness to use the latest technology and thinking to transform the way organisations work. The company continued to grow from strength to strength, in the process pioneering industry innovations including being the first company to take a consulting approach on the delivery of managed print solutions.

We developed a strong track record in delivering customer value print rationalisation, reduced cost and improved efficiency, which led to us being acquired by Capita. As part of the Capita family, we joined part of the wider document and information service offering, where we delivered full end-to-end document management capabilities.

Now we look to the future as Capita Workplace technology, with a service which these days spans way beyond print and document services, and into incorporating collaboration and workflow technology. Whilst our name and our new workplace technology solutions might be new, they come underpinned by our history of innovation, customer focus and excellent service delivery.

About Capita plc

Capita plc, which includes Capita Workplace Technology, has its headquarters in London and is the UK’s leading provider of technology-enabled, business process management and integrated professional support service solutions. We have 73,000 dedicated staff across the UK, Europe, South Africa and India.

Using technology, insight and analytics to underpin everything we do, we work across the private and public sectors playing a vital role in helping our clients deliver modern services efficiently, effectively and to a high standard.

We use innovative, often unique, IT and software platforms, together with a wide and deep understanding of excellent, accessible customer services to help our clients grow, become more profitable and deliver the best experience possible for their customers. Capita uses its expertise, infrastructure and scale benefits to transform its clients' services, driving down costs and adding value.

Our values

Our overall approach has at its core a distinct set of values which we believe stand us apart from many large businesses.

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Corporate responsibility

We are committed to growing Capita in a transparent and responsible way.

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Our wider portfolio

Capita has enormous experience of supporting organisations in their bid to deliver better financial services.

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Connecting with you

Get in touch if you have a question or would like to explore how our solutions could help your organisation.

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