Business challenge

The ‘modern workplace’ is nothing new

So why it hasn’t happened in your workplace yet?

Traditional working environments are becoming a thing of the past. With advances in technology playing an ever more important role in our home lives, we’ve come to expect to do things with similar ease and speed at work. Working patterns are becoming more flexible while workforces are becoming younger, more ‘tech-savvy’, and keen to work in more agile, collaborative ways.

You know this, we know this, no news here.

In fact, many organisations started spending time and money on their digital transformation journey many years ago – one without paper, where all information is digitised, where employees collaborate effortlessly from anywhere in real-time, with less travel, increased flexibility, and improved organisational agility.

So, what’s going wrong?

Essentially, no one was taking care of the bigger picture. Not your fault, nor necessarily your suppliers’. It’s just that without effective integration, change management and support, the most expensive, function-rich equipment in the world will end up lying around unused or underutilised, delivering little to zero value to your business.

Together we can make this happen.

At Capita we do things differently. Yes, we take a holistic approach to transformation and business optimisation. Yes, we can tailor-make perfect fit solution for your users and your business. However, the real difference lies our service delivery and bespoke transformative change management programme which combine to deliver all the brilliant benefits you should expect.

This skillset, combined with our best-of-breed partnerships and practical culture change experience, is what enables us to deliver truly integrated technology solutions.

The result is a solution that can make that modern workplace you've been dreaming about a streamlining, game-changing reality.

What we do differently

Integrated technologies allow a joined-up experience for your employees – with technology working seamlessly to make work and collaboration easier, instead of in silos with different systems and technologies failing to talk to each other.

  • For example; our visual solutions can seamlessly integrate with print infrastructure as well as document management and back office systems.
  • Documents and images scanned from a multifunctional device (MFD) can be imported directly and routed via workflow to the most efficient person, department or technology.

You benefit from working with a single supplier, who knows your business and shapes the solutions to deliver the desired business outcome.

Our core workplace technology offering is supplemented by Capita’s wider service capabilities. We leverage our size, expertise and industry experience to deliver on a larger scale. Bulk printing, scanning and data capture; network security, IT services, and workstation, we can use our same holistic approach to create high performance buildings, working across your whole infrastructure.

As an independent supplier we offer the very best products and technology available on the market.

By working with a range of leading partners, our focus is to bring you what’s right for your business, from office technology, to cloud technologies, to central print room equipment.

We look at what you need to do, not just what products we want to shift.

Capita is not tied to just one or two vendors; We have a comprehensive range of partnerships across our service areas of Print, Collaboration and Workflow, and this means that we can help you pick the right solutions for your needs without any limitations from our product range.

As well as supplying the right technology to your organisation, we offer the change management to ensure it’s adopted properly by your staff.

The starting point of a digital transformation is a comprehensive workplace assessment that will review your current working environment, team structures, workflows, and working practices, as well as the supporting infrastructure.

This helps us to understand your workforce and your workplace needs – today and for the future.

If people use new technology in the old way, your business doesn’t realise the true benefits of that equipment. We are experts in user marketing, training, and process re-engineering.

In addition to this, we utilise our innovative gamification solutions designed to change user behaviour …for example to drive down print volumes.

We have analytics capability, so we know what’s happening, what’s working and what isn’t working. If equipment isn’t being used as envisaged, we know, and can look at what needs to be done – relying on our real-time statistical modelling of utilisation.

All of our technology, comes the service and support needed to ensure that it’s installed and configured properly, and maintained into the future. So that you realise the full benefits of your investment.

We aren’t in the business of simply selling technology piecemeal and hoping you are successful; service and support are built into our business model.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service record, demonstrated by our great client retention rate of 98%

We use our extensive geographical coverage and highly trained workforce to deliver great service, and rapid SLA response times; currently at 2 hours 37 minutes).

And an average return to service of 3h43mins, keeping your operation smooth, and driving high levels of customer satisfaction.

We provide the best service and support in the business, to keep you running smoothly, and your customers happy.