Workplace Assessments

At Capita, we believe in helping you optimise your working environment by building modern, intelligent and human-centric workplaces. To do that, we must first understand both your workforce and your workplace needs today and into the future.

Our comprehensive workplace assessment will review your current working environment, team structures, workflows and working practices as well as the supporting infrastructure to uncover which elements have the biggest impact on productivity, service delivery and employee satisfaction. The assessment also includes an analysis of your physical office spaces - including design, heating, lighting, co2 levels and utilisation. Your people, time and facilities are your most expensive outgoing so making them work better for you is our priority.

Digital Transformation Process

Step 1. Assess: Through our total workplace audit, we assess your workforce, workplace, workstyle and workflow and how these 4W’s interact with one another within your organisation. Our consultants will look at your policies, team structures, how teams/individuals collaborate internally and externally and the solutions you currently use for paper-based processes. These will be assessed with a view to finding digital alternatives. Finally, we will look at both your technical and physical infrastructure and assess how these will support both current and future needs. [Read More]

Step 2. Design: Our assessment will enable us to work collaboratively with you to design a tailored, best of breed solution for your organisation. Any recommendation would focus on improving the use and flow of information through your organisation. Typically, this is done by a combination of:

  • Streamlining your business processes and workflows
  • Overhauling your paper-to digital systems whilst enhancing any remaining paper based processes
  • Introducing technology to allow better workflow, improve automation and increase collaboration
  • Implementing solutions and systems that enable agile working
  • Redesigning workspaces and floor layouts

Step 3. Implement: Our change management team will work with you to create a bespoke implementation plan that matches your working style, team structures and infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption throughout the transformation program. Our rollout does not end with the technology implementation. We will continue to support you through a series of initiatives including on-site training, marketing and communication activities, whilst our analytics and gamification tools will help you maximise on-going benefits from your workplace technology.

Step 4. Manage: Following implementation of the solution, management of the Managed Print Service is key and therefore as part of our service, we would look to hold quarterly meetings where we would review performance of the solution and discuss area where we believe we can add further value to our clients, bringing Innovation to the table which would identify how better to use technology to help drive business change as part of an ongoing partnership approach to business.

Assessment Process

Our comprehensive workplace assessment process enables you to understand which technologies are right for your organisation.

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