Managed Workflow

Optimise the way work flows through every part of your organisation

Gartner has found the cost of document mismanagement equates to 12-15% of corporate revenue and 40-60% of office workers' time. 

We can tailor powerful scanning, digitisation and automation tools to streamline workflow across your whole organisation. We do this by transforming how you store, access and action your data – simultaneously increasing both security and business agility. Users can access information and accomplish tasks from any device while document-related tasks are efficiently routed to the right end device or file location.

Document workflow

Embrace software tools that can transform the speed and ease with which your organisation handles your documents and data across their entire lifecycle. With full auditing and less printing going on, data is more secure and your operations are also faster and more resilient. 

  • We can design the most streamlined distribution pathways for your documents, so that your data is captured, read, processed and filed with maximum efficiency and without the need to print or duplicate
  • Print auditing enables you to track and record every event in every document’s life

We also have a number of analytics tools available that provide real-time information about documents, how they are being used and by whom which can then be used to design better processes in line with business requirements whilst at the same time implementing new and improved technologies.

Automate repetitive tasks

Our business software and electronic document management systems help remove repetitive, time-consuming processes and transform the speed with which your workforce can access, action and share up-to-date data.

  • Tasks can automatically trigger the next required action as they complete the last
  • Systems can be configured so that the relevant applications, people and databases are alerted as relevant events occur in each document's journey

Staff time that is currently spent retrieving information or cross referencing it between departments is dramatically reduced, enabling users to focus more time on driving the core business forward and increasing customer satisfaction.

An eye on the future

We’re in this for the long-term. So although we tailor our services carefully to support your organisation today, our eye is always on what you might need tomorrow. As we monitor every single part of every single process, we can bring you valuable in-depth business intelligence, giving you transparency over how your business does its job, highlighting potential weaknesses and gaps in operational needs along the way.



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