onGame by Capita is a web-based engagement solution which uses a combination of gamification and high impact communications to help reduce costs, increase productivity and encourage new behaviours. The platform uses game mechanics such as leader boards, competitions and rewards to incentivise people towards behavioural change in order to reach a specific business goal.

Key features

The onGame software platform supports building quests to meet any business challenge. From removing storage to reducing business expenses, onGame can be tailored to help organisations achieve tangible benefits in terms of  increased productivity and reduced costs.

  • onGame uses gamification to engage, enable and educate users - encouraging them to take positive steps to improve the way they use print
  • Users take part in quest and rise through the ranks for completing tasks
  • Colleagues are incentivised to compete against colleagues to be top of the leader board, and to share their progress

Key Benefits

  • Significant cost savings: Significant cost savings can be made through the reduction of print volumes and ultimate removal of printers from the business;
  • Increased printing and environmental awareness: Create a shared understanding and shared commitment to the goal of reducing the impact of print, as well as associated environmental issues;
  • Environmental impact: Conserving print resources can make a positive impact on the carbon footprint of an organisation;
  • Engaged and motivated workforce: Leverage gaming and social mechanics will drive improvement in engagement and motivation levels across the board;
  • Sustainable behaviour changes: Using game mechanics will help encourage people to complete more activities and challenges, further driving positive action and creating sustainable behavioral changes;
  • Raise innovation profile: Too often, cost-cutting exercises can have a negative impact on organisational morale. Using an innovative gamified approach to make a positive difference can help raise the innovation profile of the organisation. 


Online portal

The online portal is the heart of the platform. This provides an interactive, always available dashboard which allows participants to interact with the solution and allows management to keep track of what matters. With an underlying flexible game-based engine, the portal can be deployed across multiple technology platforms and mobile devices. The cloud-based architecture means we can offer the portal on premise or hosted.

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