Skype for Business Meeting Rooms

Historically, meeting rooms often provide a poor experience to employees and customers when seeking to collaborate effectively. This can be due to inappropriate technology, lack of integrated services or video conferencing capability that doesn't provide connectivity outside of your businesses defined infrastructure.

As businesses increasingly adopt O365, Skype for Business is becoming the defacto standard as it addresses many of the traditional problems.

Our solutions enable meeting room and collaboration spaces to utilise a business's existing Skype for Business Systems to dial in external and internal users without the need to hook up your laptop or tablet. This avoids complicated and time-consuming set-up to drive more effective collaboration.

As a key part of O365 the solution allows you to invite the room to your meeting through your standard calendar or add participants through your existing contacts whilst on a call. This enhances collaboration across business boundaries, bringing cost efficient, high quality and simple to use solutions to your employees.

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