Huddle and Collaboration Spaces

As working patterns change and employees seek a more flexible approach, there is an increased demand for employees to be able to work peer to peer or in small groups outside of large formal meeting spaces.

 Millions of meetings take place in offices around the world every day. The vast majority of these meetings only involve a few people, and the tools they need to have a successful meeting are fairly basic.

They do not need a huge screen or lots of equipment; they just need to be able to start sharing information quickly.

We provide solutions that allow people to share ideas, host video conferences and work collaboratively on tasks.

These informal meeting spaces are where staff and employees can meet, discuss ideas and work through projects. These 'Huddle Spaces' are typically small conference areas designed with two to six users in mind. They come equipped with audio and visual systems to allow for easy sharing of ideas and conference calls with group members not present in the office. Its not just the technology but we can also offer the design of the physical space to get the best ROI.

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