Digital transformation plays an important role in developing ICT strategies within educational establishments. Capita Workplace Technology has spent a good proportion of the last few years focusing on specific digital transformation strategies around the classroom. We have been consulting and advising headteachers across the UK in how we can make improvements in both financial and academic results amongst other impressive improvements. This can be achieved by introducing new interactive and collaborative learning solutions into the classroom.

Our focus has been on improving the digital strategies within schools. The goal being to align technology to support the achievement and quality of teaching being delivered to the pupil.  This balances the needs of todays teachers with the financial savings required by the school’s finance managers.

Capita Workplace Technology has found that the key to a successful transformation is identifying what is important to each individual school through consultation with key stakeholders, effective assessment ahead of creating a bespoke digital strategy.

Capita Workplace Technology would like to introduce your school to the fantastic benefits available through the adoption of a digital transformation strategy in the classroom.