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26 June 2019

The burden of environmental responsibility falls to everyone; changes both large and small need to be made to our everyday life to ensure we do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. Although many people have started to make their homes greener places, the office presents the best opportunity to make a big difference.

The potential for environmental savings in the office is huge. Many organisations in the UK are already benefiting from the reduction in waste that comes with using smarter technology. Modern devices are being designed to be more intelligent and versatile; consuming less resources and being more economical with what it does consume.

Modern managed print solution

A perfect example of an office mainstay that has undergone significant improvements is the humble office printer; almost all modern printer and multifunctional devices are more energy-efficient, faster to use and less costly to run.

If you have ageing printers in your office, updating the fleet should be one of the first things you should review to reduce cost and wastage whilst improving your environmental credentials. Simply updating office technology can have enormous benefits for the environment, with analyst IDC saying that new devices cut energy consumption by 30 per cent.

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering transformation, Capita sees the potential to deliver a step change in efficiency, power and consumables through both technology and behaviour change. The days of great grey boxes churning out endless streams of paper are gone, today's clever devices are designed to use fewer resources at every point in their lifecycle, from the manufacturer through their working life, and finally to their disposal. Additionally, they are highly integrated with operational systems, information systems, and collaboration technology to reduce consumables and improve employee effectiveness through digital workflows. Implementing managed print services can help organisations to be more sustainable with their printing with the introduction of:

Pull printing – submit print jobs to your secure pull printing queue, for on-demand release on any of your organisation’s printers. Minimising unwanted pages printed.

Print reporting – understand who is printing what, where, when and how much. This data will help you identify and tackle areas of high wastage.

Print policies – you can force your devices to print in a particular way (duplex or black & white, for example), again as an effective way to minimise wasteful printing.

Integrating Capita’s latest Cloud Print solution into your managed service allows you to print documents wherever you are. It provides a means for storing confidential data securely, whilst remaining accessible from any device, whatever your location. With Capita Cloud Printing, you get access to all the features you need for a complete, secure printing solution in any cloud, including deploying 100 per cent on-premise if desired.

Capita’s Cloud-enabled devices allow you to securely access Cloud storage services such as SharePoint, to print and scan your documents, removing the need to carry sensitive documents in hard copy or on storage devices when travelling between offices and clients. This will help reduce the amount of physical space needed to store paper documents.

Changing wastage behaviour with software and gamification

Without a change in behaviour, even the most function rich equipment will end up lying around unused or underutilised, delivering little value back to your business. As part of our change management program Capita utilises gamification to drive behaviour change around environmental habits. onGame by Capita is a web-based engagement solution which uses a combination of gamification and high impact communications to encourage new behaviours, increase productivity and ultimately reduce costs. The platform uses game mechanics such as leader boards, competitions and rewards to incentivise people towards behavioural change in order to reach a specific business goal. This can have a dramatic effect on the number of physical documents created and result in huge savings in both consumables and power.

Workflows ease paperless transition

By utilising scanning, digitisation and automation tools you can stream line workflows across your whole organisation. This is done by transforming how you store, access and action your data, simultaneously increasing both security and business agility. Users can access information and accomplish tasks from any device while document-related tasks are efficiently routed to the right end device or file location.

Document workflow: embrace software tools that can transform the speed and ease with which your organisation handles your documents and data across their entire lifecycle. With full auditing and less printing going on, data is more secure, and your operations are also faster and more resilient.

Automate repetitive tasks: Capita business software and electronic document management systems help remove repetitive, time-consuming processes and transform the speed with which your workforce can access, action and share up-to-date data. Tasks can also automatically trigger the next required action as they complete the last.

Capita has the capability of monitoring every part of your document work flow process to bring you valuable in-depth business intelligence, giving you transparency over how your business does its job, and highlighting potential weaknesses and gaps in operational needs along the way.

Meeting management & collaboration technology

The effective use of office space is another area that can provide huge benefits – not only reducing the physical space that needs to be powered, heated and lit, but also how people interact when within the office. It’s also equally important to reduce the amount of time employees are spending travelling, reducing the carbon impact of their commute and improving employee satisfaction at the same time.

Capita can address both the effectiveness of the office environment as well as managing the reasons / reducing the frequency of travel. By transforming traditional meetings into remote collaboration sessions and introducing smarter working practices, Capita can help employees and travel bookers to think and choose smarter, cutting back on non-essential business travel.

1. Travel less - Avoiding unnecessary travel helps minimise costs and carbon footprint whilst maximise employee welfare and business performance. Capita’s Smarter Working programme can provide the tools to identify trends, and the channels to challenge the need to travel.

2. Travel smart - When a face-to-face meeting is essential, Capita makes sure relevant, timely and appropriate messages influence smarter decision making; from optimising the use of your organisation’s own meeting space, to guiding meeting arrangers towards the best location, venue, timing and travel options. In addition, the use of meeting room booking solutions makes best use of the office space available and helps employees find the rooms they need more quickly, increasing productivity.

3. Use collaboration technology - Where a face to face meeting is not required, Capita’s collaboration solutions are designed to boost effective communication, information sharing and activity coordination – in virtual and physical environments. This improves the effectiveness of collaborative work, facilitating communication and encouraging the crowdsourcing of knowledge, ideas and resources across multiple sites.

Smart building technology

Buildings and employees are the two highest costs for any organisation. Smart buildings present a significant opportunity for businesses to reduce their environmental footprint by ensuring that space and resources are used efficiently. Smart building technologies enable you to get the most value from your real estate whilst ensuring your employees have a comfortable environment that supports their ability to work effectively.

Integrated technologies for simplified management: everything from digital signage to networks, from Audio Visual solutions to security can be managed intelligently.

Create a productive working environment: with Smart buildings technologies, intelligent lighting will adapt and mimic natural daylight, avoiding harsh glare, whilst temperature can be controlled on a room by room basis.

Reduce costs, improve your green credentials: smart buildings save power as lights automatically turn off when the office is empty, whilst thermostats adjust to optimise temperature, dramatically reducing your energy costs.

Improve safety and security of your team: alarms, CCTV and access controls can be IP-enabled and managed, whilst RFID tagged passes control and monitor individual access to lifts, floors and rooms.

How can Capita help

Capita Workplace Technology believes in working alongside its clients to transform their offices into smart, efficient and environmentally responsible working environments. Capita combines expert, strategic advice with eco-friendly technology, easy recycling and changes in user behaviour to help you reduce your waste and energy consumption.    

The first step towards a greener business is to understand where you are starting from and what you want to achieve. After assessing the environmental impact of your current work environment in terms of paper waste, energy consumption and recycling, Capita typically designs a tailored solution that includes eco-friendly hardware that consumes less energy, print fleet rationalisation, reduced waste through change management and software, recycling your old fleet, and strategic advice on continual improvement.

The ROI of going green is now well established. Buildings and offices are seeing measurable benefits across a range of areas, including reduced expenditure, workforce productivity and staff engagement. As many as 91 percent of millennials would switch to use a company or brand based on its commitment to social good and investment in things like sustainability. With this pillar so vital to an organisation’s success, it pays to engineer your business environment in a way that is  good for both the planet and your bottom line.

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Originally published in OEN Magazine

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