West Sussex County Council

  • Hardware: 207 Multi-functional devices
  • Multi-site installation: 6,000 users across 57 sites
  • Effective consultancy: Rationalisation of their print fleet by over 80%
  • Software: Full pull-printing functionality
  • Increased security: Reducing the risk of data breaches
  • Green savings: Less waste of resources leading to cost savings
  • £480k (projected) Cost savings of print ownership


West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is home to 750,000 people and a tourist destination for millions more every year. In common with every local authority, WSCC is under pressure to deliver a better service to its community whilst driving down costs.

West Sussex County Council recognised that optimising their print function could help them achieve their overall objectives of realising cost savings whilst improving the user experience and meeting environmental targets.

The Solution

WSCC partnered with Capita Workplace Technology to introduce a new state-of-the-art Managed Print Service across 57 sites with over 6,000 users. The initial phase has already delivered tangible savings. Over the entire project these are projected to far exceed £480k.

At the outset, Capita conducted a full assessment including an audit of 57 sites, user interviews, reviewing existing contracts, costs and volumes, analysis of server infrastructure, appraisal of current processes, and calculation of true hard and environmental costs.

Armed with this insight, Capita developed and installed for WSCC a complete technical solution designed to significantly reduce costs whilst delivering greater efficiency and productivity.

The solution included:

  • rationalisation of print and multifunctional device (MFD) fleet from over 1000 machines to 207
  • advanced pull-print and proactive remote monitoring software, enabling full fleet reporting
  • security-card identification triggering print jobs
  • implementation and change management with a bespoke service level agreement (SLA) featuring service guarantees
  • a user communications programme ensuring user understanding and acceptance of the change process.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and continues to receive positive feedback. It includes plans for continuous improvement by reducing print usage and removing legacy devices within the already converted sites.

The Benefits

This partnership is delivering a range of benefits to WSCC including:

  • Cost savings - Projected savings of more than £480k.
  • Improved user experience - As Wilson Sharp, Head of IT and Design Assurance, WSCC puts it; “While the back end may be complex, good design and good communications were the key to delivering a solution that the users found incredibly easy to use”.
  • Centralised printing solution - With clarity over its entire print function, WCSS can control costs and resources.
  • Better use of resources - The project has significantly reduced waste, helping reduce WSCC’s carbon footprint.

Key Outcomes

  • Improved access to user services
  • Comprehensive managed print solution with full control and reporting
  • Full pull-printing functionality
  • Balanced deployment across 57 sites with minimal disruption
  • Significant reduction in print and multifunction devices • Regular management reporting
  • £480k cost savings of print ownership.