Swiss Re

£1.2M (approximately) Of savings in just one year

Understanding your The Challenge

To create a compelling, gamified platform and supporting communications campaign to drive positive behaviour change and deliver significant productivity savings and financial rewards for Swiss Re.

The Solution

onGame is a unique web-based application which encourages Swiss Re employees to consume less IT related services and subsequently drive down costs. The customized innovative platform achieves this through a series of ‘gamified’ quests to engage the player (employee) to take positive action by completing a universal challenge and being rewarded.

onGame is highly interactive and uses game mechanics to drive positive and lasting behaviour change.

Points are rewarded for actively reducing print volume and players can move through levels as they complete the race. Highly visual graphics bring the quest to life by representing costs, consumption and goals and by tracking individual player progress against their team, division and the rest of the organisation.


Quest 1

To remove a substantial amount of data from an out-of-date storage drive which was costing Swiss Re millions of pounds a year to secure and maintain.

This was positioned as a high-impact race against the clock and other players to clear the data from the storage drive in the 70 days prior to switch off. Players were rewarded in the form of charitable donations, creating a compelling feel good driver for engagement and behavioural change.

Quest 2

To substantially reduce printing costs from the £3.2M being spent on printing annually.

With 1,300 printers and 13,000 staff worldwide, teams competed region against region, site against site with daily feeds updating leader boards on their printing output. The quest educated users on costs and best practices, encouraging staff to print less and to switch printers off. Running for 10 weeks, this quest allowed Swiss Re’s charity partner to benefit from the savings by once again rewarding players in the form of charitable donations.

The Benefits

Quest 1

Delivered high levels of engagement from go-live, with 60% of the target audience engaging and completing their first quest within a 4 week period. It is estimated that the first quest alone will deliver approximately £1.2M of savings in just one year and minimise the risks associated with unstructured data management.

Quest 2

Resulted in a 20% reduction of pages being printed, saving approximately 5M pages overall. In total, 100 printers (8%) were switched off in the first 8 weeks post quest with 21 printers being switched off in one single location. It is estimated that 71% of printers are now running at less than the manufacturer’s recommended minimum threshold, with longer term savings being delivered over time.

A key driver for Swiss Re was to share their productivity savings and success with people in need. A significant donation has been donated to Honey Care Africa to help poor families in Kenya make a living from bee keeping as a direct result of the first two onGame quests.

onGame’s creative, compelling and human centred approach has inspired staff to adopt sustainable behavioural change as part of a responsible and accountable Swiss Re community.

The Reward

Employees had the opportunity to share their success with people in need and the faster they completed their quest the greater the charitable donation was. Charity donations and headlines were tracked in the application via graphics, news updates and links to Swiss Re’s OurSpace portal which was home to the social media buzz around onGame. The extensible platform has allowed Swiss Re to plan future quests.

“Progress is recorded on a leader board to introduce friendly competition among individuals, teams & divisions.”